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The Tesla Roadster was Tesla’s first effort and debuted in 2008. The Roadster was designed to show how an electric car could outperform a gas-guzzler by being much faster, for much less money. It wasn’t the worlds most economical car, but it made a strong statement.

Tesla’s Roadster was the first production electric car to use lithium-ion battery cells. Lithium batteries are now used in most tesla cars, as well as smartphones and laptops.


The Tesla Model S is often considered one of the best cars’s ever made. It won a slew of awards, including Car of the Year from Motor Trend magazine. The original model was introduced in 2012 and received over 16,000 reservations for vehicles before they even debuted on the market. A new Model S has been released since then, with several technological advances that make it even better.

The Model S should be relatively cheap and easy to service also. Only six parts in the Tesla Model S can be replaced regularly. Only four wheels and one blade can be regularly maintained, and the brake pads last a surprisingly long time.

The Tesla Model S’s massive 17″ touch screen displays functions as your single power button controlling all aspects of driving, navigation, musical devices and anything else in between. In addition, the popular four-door sedans have a large touchscreen that displays up to 320 colours of colour. The Model S comes with its own SIM card, wireless charging and more features of connectivity.

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